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Mike Hill

Gresham, OR - United States








Mike Hill

Gresham, OR - United States

Mike Hill - Fine Artist

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About Mike Hill

I began painting as a child. My mother would giive me pictures to copy,not trace. She would draw wedding cakes, high heel shoes, couples dancing and never a car or truck. She had been a commercial artist during the nineteen thirties and never stopped encouraging me in the arts. After high school I went to California School of Fine Arts in San Francisco . After art college I returned to Portland, Oregon to pursue the art of dentistry. I retired from dentistry last year, but I hope to keep painting until I can no longer hold a brush. I paint realism, but mostly I paint 'realism with an attitude.' I love the ability to enhance what I see with an emphasis on color and light. You'll see colors that might not be so vivid in real life, contrasts may be more pronounced, and people or things may be added that will tell a better story. I do appear in some of my paintings, not as a gimmick, but because many times I fell like part of the scene. Some of my favorite subjects are cars, buildings, special florals and special people. As an artist you can see the nuances and the nostalgia that a scene might bring, and I work hard to bring out these special feelings. You see under, around and through the subjects, and you love the absence and presence of objects. Life is precious and even more so when you can recreate it on paper. Every year brings new surprises and these last years have been no exception. Four of my paintings were in 'SPLASH 9, THE BEST OF WATERCOLOR','SPLASH 10' and now in 2012 ... SPLASH 13. I'm a signature member of the NWWS and in 2005 I became a grandfather. I must say that life doesn't get any better than that.

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Alfa Romeo in 1938 Italy by Mike Hill


Portland's Union Station by Mike Hill


Poppies Pleasure and Pain by Mike Hill


ity Fox Theater Seqouia by Mike Hill


Downtown Duesenberg 1931 by Mike Hill


The Yellow Ribbon by Mike Hill


DeSoto and Deco Design by Mike Hill


Reflecting on a Mercedes by Mike Hill


Hunting For Love by Mike Hill


Tik Tok Drive-Inn by Mike Hill


Yaw's Top Notch Drive In by Mike Hill


Take It For A Spin by Mike Hill


California Poppy by Mike Hill


Gullwing Birds of Paradise by Mike Hill


Deutschland Uber Lilies by Mike Hill


Noon Tunes Pioneer Square by Mike Hill


Buick Roadmaster Dynaflow 1949 by Mike Hill


Crusin' Broadway in the Fifties by Mike Hill


Heavens Great San Franciscos Better by Mike Hill


Forty Ford by Mike Hill


Aint She a Duesy by Mike Hill


Fifty Ford by Mike Hill


My Kinda Town by Mike Hill


Chevy in the Woods by Mike Hill

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